How to Reduce iPhone Video Size?

iSight camera on iPhone is no doubt the most amazing camera on a phone. The 1080p HD video captured with your iPhone is with super video quality. However on the other side, it makes the iphone video size very big. In fact the huge video size makes it difficult to post, email and share with others. What’s worse, you may also find that you are running out of space on iPhone very quickly with the videos taken.

To reduce video size for the recorded videos on your iPhone is easy. In this article, we will show you the easiest way to compress iPhone videos right on your phone.

3 Easy Steps to Reduce iPhone Video Size Instantly

Before we go to reduce video size, you will need to download the iPhone Video Slimmer from App Store on to your iPhone if not yet.

  1. 1. Tap to run Video Slimmer app on iPhone
  2. 2. Tap the + button from the top right corner to add videos from Camera Roll to the converter
  3. 3. Tap Slim Now button at the bottom to reduce your video size on your iPhone.

reduce iphone video size


  1. 1. The Video Slimmer is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and free for download from App Store.

  2. 2. You can manually choose a different video quality from the settings panel. See How to Change Output Video Profile and Settings? By reducing video bitrate, you will lose some video quality. However it’s usually good enough for viewing movies on the go with your iOS device.

  3. 3. You can manually choose output video height and width from the above video settings panel as well. You do not need the full 1920 pixels in width and 1080 pixels in height video, because iPhone 4 and 4S have the 960 × 640 px display, it is 1,136 × 640 px for new iPhone 5. To shrink iPhone video resolution, you can reduce iPhone video size greatly. See How to Trim iPhone video size?

  4. 4. The iPhone video compression is very fast. After conversion, you can copy the output video to your Photo Library and share via Email, iMessage, SMS, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

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