Rotate Upside Down iPhone Videos

My iPhone recorded video files play upside down in Windows Media Player. How do I get them to rotate?

When shooting videos with iPhone camera, iPhone will rotate the image/video automatically depends on how you hold your iPhone. However when transferring iPhone videos to your Windows PC, you may find the Windows Media Center or Media Player cannot play some of them correctly. Some iPhone videos is sideways, some is upside down when playing on PC.

The iPhone video upside down or sideway problem occurs when you play the recorded video on a third-party software though. You won’t be aware of it playing the iPhone videos on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch or Mac.

My iPhone video is upside down. Is there a way to turn it the right way up again?

There are several ways and free options to correct the issue. You can choose any of the following that suits your needs.

rotate upside down iphone videos1. In fact you can properly shot videos with iPhone iPad or iPod touch to avoid this video upside down or sideways problem.

When shooting iPhone video always turn the iphone on the side and film in landscape and make sure to hold your iPhone with the Home button on the right. Portrait iPhone videos will play 90 degrees sideways with Windows Media Player, landscape iPhone videos with the Home button on the wrong side will play upside down on Window PC.

2. You can rotate a video taken upside-down or sideways that you recorded on iPhone as well. We recommend this iOS video compressor app that will correct the video rotating issue automatically when you slim down the video size. It can also support batch convert, crop, rotate, or flip iPhone videos. It is a way faster than Windows Movie Maker and it rotates iPhone videos on iPhone before exporting them to your PC computers.

3. For example, you can install the Windows version of an Apple video player on your Windows PC, like QuickTime or iTunes. Apple has made the iPhone videos work this way, so they prevent this problem in Apple native software and products.

4. You can also use some free video program for Windows PC that will allow video rotating. You can easily rotate iPhone videos on PC with Windows Movie Maker or other software that has the video rotating feature.


Now you do not need to worry about how to shoot your videos with iPhone camera. Just capture any videos with any gesture you like. Record a video in landscape or portrait, as you wish.

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