iPad recorded videos are huge and take a lot of your storage space on iPad. You may have to sync videos off from iPad to computer or Mac from through iTunes time to time.  If you want to keep your videos on your iPad however you can use an iPad video compressor which can shrink video size and thus help you record and save more videos on iPad.

There are a lot of iPad video converters or compressors populating the internet that are advertised to be able to compress videos for iPad, but most of them are actually computer programs, video apps for Mac OSX or Windows PC. Although these video conversion or compression tools have video codec and format optimized for the playback on iPad. There are some shortages with them. First of all, most of these tools are not specially designed for iPad, such as the Final Cut Pro, these video converters are not easy to use for beginners. You will need to know tech stuff such as bit-rate, resolution, codec, etc. The biggest challenge however comes with the iTunes sync part. Because if you choose to compress iPad videos on a computer, you need to export videos from iPad to computer, then edit the videos on computer, after that you need to put back the video from computer to iPad through iTunes.

In fact, converting and compressing iPad videos can be much easier. In this guide we want to show you how you can easily compress videos from right on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. All you need is to download the iPad Video Compressor from App store.

iPad video compressor

Features of iPad Video Compressor

Save up to 80% Space for your iPad

The iPad Video Compressor uses optimized codec for the video encoding/decoding on the iPad. It provides a reasonable amount of video quality, a reasonable amount of compression. It can greatly reduce iPad video size, save iPad space while keep good video quality.

Compress Videos directly on your iPad

iPad Video Compressor is Not a computer program, it is an iPad app which you can use to compress videos directly using iPad . No need to transfer out the videos to a desktop computer. No need to use iTunes to sync them. Simply compress the initial iPad video file using your iPad, then delete the initial file and keep the compressed video on your iPad. If you like to keep a copy of your source video, you can download them to your computer through iTunes or the wi-fi transfer app, or upload them to iCloud or other hosting service.

Batch and Fast Compression

You can quickly compress videos on your iPad using this iPad Video Compressor as multiple thread video processing is supported. The conversion speed is really fast.

Easier Video Sharing

You can save the compressed iPad videos to your Photo Library, transfer to computers over Wi-Fi , send the compressed videos via email , open with third party video apps, players or editors, like the notable iMovie. You can also publish the compressed videos to your websites, upload them to a hosting service.

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