How to Email Videos on iPhone?

Your iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 can record HD 1080P videos with excellent quality and big file size. iPhone videos may take up to around 200MB per minute. We know that such big file size makes the iPhone videos impossible to be sent directly without data compression. Fortunately, iPhone is smart enough to quickly compress your videos automatically and then send them away through the mail app on iPhone. Here is how to get the job done.

3 Steps to Send a Video through email from iPhone

1. Open Camera on iPhone.

Tap on the Camera icon on the home screen of your iPhone.

2. Open Camera Roll and Select Video on iPhone

When the Camera app launches, tap the image thumb in the lower left corner to open your camera roll and browse to the video you want to send through email from iPhone.
Once you tap on the thumbnail of the video, you will bring it up with the video player on iPhone with a big play button shows at the center of the video.

Send video on iPhone

3. Email Video on iPhone

From the bottom of the video play window, there will be a button to share (with arrow out of box) the video selected. If the sharing button doesn’t appear, tap on the again as it will hide itself for inactivity quickly.
You will see a share menu with the option Email video at the top.

Email video on iPhone

Tap this email video, iPhone will then open the mail app with the selected video clip as attachment. Now just write away your email and send it along with the video attached from iPhone.

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