Delete Photos from iPhone Photo Library

Deleting photos from Photo Library is different from deleting photos from iPhone Camera Roll. Photos saved in your iPhone Photo Library are synced from your computer other than taken with your iPhone Camera. When you open Photos app on iPhone, tap to open the Photo Library album, then open a photo from there, you will find there is no trash can, button or any delete icon. Instead of removing these photos from the Photos app on iPhone, you need to delete the photos from your computer by iTunes sync.

To delete photos from iPhone Photo Library to save your iPhone space, try below steps.

Delete Photos from iPhone Photo Library

  • 1. Connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable
  • 2. Start iTunes on your computer
  • 3. Click the iPhone icon in the left panel of the iTunes window
  • 4. Click the Photos tab
  • 5. Clear the checkbox for all the photos and albums that you don't want on your iPhone.
  • If you want to delete all photos from iPhone library that you synced to iPhone through iTunes before, you can simply create a empty folder without any photos contained, like the 'empty' folder shown in above figure, then sync your iPhone.
  • 6. Click the Sync/Apply button on the lower right corner to remove photos from your iPhone.

Note: this will only remove all photos and albums you have previously synced from computer to iPhone through iTunes. It will not delete other photos or albums in your camera roll.

The folder name doesn't have to be Photo Library, it could be any album names you named and synced. Basically if you find a trash button missing from a photo album on your iPhone, it is likely to be an album synced from Mac / PC via iTunes. For those photos and albums synced from computer to iPhone, you have to remove them by itunes sync.

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