Delete entire Photo Albums on iPhone

Sometimes you may want to delete certain photos albums from your iPhone. Other than delete individual photos from it one by one, you can the entire album at once.

How to Delete iPhone Albums?

  1. 1. Tap Photos app on your iPhone home screen.
  2. 2. Tap Edit button on the top right corner, you will find a red circle shows before all the photo albums that can be removed from your iPhone.
  3. 3. Find the album you like to delete and tap the red circle, a delete button in red will displayed after the photo album
  4. 4. Tap the Delete button
  5. 5. Confirm the removal of the selected photo album, tap Delete Album button to complete.

Delete iPhone Albums

However when an album is deleted, the photos inside the album are still stored in your camera roll so they do not get removed entirely from your iPhone, thus this will not free up your iPhone space. When an iPhone album is removed, only the specific album will be removed, but not the photos inside it. Your photos saved in the album as shortcuts to the actually photos. Also albums like Camera Roll, Photo Library and other albums synced from your computer can’t be deleted.

If you like to delete the photos from your iPhone, you can refer to guides below:

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