Delete Converted Videos

When slimmed down your videos with Video Slimmer App and saved the converted videos to Camera Roll / Photo Library, you may want to delete the converted videos from Video Slimmer App. Otherwise, you will have a very long file list of all the converted video files.

converted videos in Video Slimmer App

Delete converted videos from Video Slimmer

1. Tap on the Converted Video from the bottom of the Video Slimmer App. You should see the conversion history with all converted video files.

2. You can tap on the Share button on the upper right corner, a share options list will be displayed, you can choose to delete the selected converted video or delete all converted videos from Slimmer App.

3. To delete a single converted video, you can also swipe on the converted video from left to right, then a red Delete button will apear, tap on it to remove this video from the converted video list.

Please note to delete converted videos from this Converter Video pane with Slimmer App, you will not lose source videos or converted videos that exported to your Photo Library or Camera Roll.

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