Copy Converted Video to Photo Library

Video Slimmer App helps you compress source videos to a much small video size. After that you can copy to your Camera Roll / Photo Library or transfer to computers. There are two ways to copy a converted video from the Slimmer to your Camera Roll / Photo Library on your iPhone iPad or iPod.

Copy Converted Video to Photo Library Automatically

Run Slimmer App, go to the More... tab, then tap on Settings, you will see a screen as below.

copy converted video to photo library or camera roll automatically

You can turn on Copy to Photo Library option, so when you slim down a video, the Slimmer app will automatically export the converted video to your Photo Library or Camer Roll.

Copy Converted Video to Photo Library Manually

If you do not want to let the Slimmer export all converted videos to your Camera Roll / Photo Library. You can choose to turn off the Copy to Photo Library option. To selectively save a converted video from Slimmer App to Photo Libary, tap the Converted Video from the bottom of the Slimmer App, you will find a list of all converted videos. Select a video and tap on the Share button on the upper right corner, a option list will show up. Tap on Copy to Photo Libary, then the converted video selected will be saved to your Photo Libarry on iPhone iPad or iPod.

export converted videos to Photo Library manually

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