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Compress Recorded Videos on iPhone/iPod/iPad

The iSight camera on your iOS device is an easy-to-use video recording tool. You can capture HD videos with it anywhere on the go. The video recording quality is quite respectable considering the capabilities of iPhone/iPod/iPad camera. However you will find these recorded videos on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can easily take up a lot of space of your device. You can’t record compressed video directly on your iOS device, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. So how to compress recorded videos on iPhone iPad or iPod in order to save space on your iOS device?

Video Slimmer App is an iOS video compressor, a helpful facility to convert your recorded videos for iOS devices. It can save your space greatly on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The quality of the video produced by Video Slimmer App is quite fair, although not as good as the original, it is because the converter will reduce video bit rate to some extent. This is not evident on portable devices though as your iOS screen is small, even if you compared the videos before and after the conversion side by side. You will notice the downgrade of the video quality when you export the video from iOS to computers or HDTV.

Steps to Compress Recorded Videos on iPhone/iPod/iPad

Step 1. Add Videos to the Video Slimmer

Tap on the Plus + on the top right corner of the Video Slimmer App. It will open the album list on your iPhone/iPod. Browse to the video album under Camera Roll on your iOS device and select to add the recorded videos you want to compress.

Add videos to compressor

Step 2. Customize Video Profile

Tap on the Gear icon from the right bottom corner of the video conversion utility on your iPhone/iPod. Choose Settings, you will be able to change your video size, video quality/bit rate from the settings panel.
You can also enable or disable two useful features Keep original Video Files and Copy to Photo Library.

Step 3. Convert Videos

Tap on the Slim Now! button to convert the native iOS videos on your iOS device.
After compression, you will see a report of the video size before and after the conversion and how many space you have saved.

video compression report


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