How to Compress Movies for Email on iPhone?

It is so easy and fun to record a video or movie and then email it using your iPhone.  However you may find most of the iPhone recorded videos are very large. Fortunately you can easily compress a movie to less than half its original size while retaining almost all of the quality right on your iPhone. All you need is Video Slimmer App.

Compress Videos Using iPhone

Step 1. Start Video Slimmer App for iPhone and load the video file you want to compress.

compress iphone videos

Step 2. Tap on the + icon to browse to your camera roll and load the video source to the compressor.

Step 3. Tap on the Slim Now button to compress videos.


Useful Tips:

Small video dimensions (width/height) and lower video quality give tiny file size. You can let the video slimmer app choose output video profile for you or tap on the Gear icon to open the Video Settings window and manually reduce iPhone video size from there.


Email Videos Using iPhone

Once the compressed version of your video was created, you can easily send it to others through email.

Step 1. Find the Compressed Movie from your Camera Roll.

Step 2. You will see a button to share (with arrow out of box) the video selected from the bottom of the video play window. Tap on it to bring up the share menu with the option Email video at the top.

Email video on iPhone

Step 3. Tap Email Video your iPhone will open mail app with the selected video clip as attachment.  Just email the video using your iPhone from there.

Note that this video compressor app is not meant for TV or HD resolutions. The movies that you can email from iPhone are supposed to be small in file size with less data and downgraded video quality or shrinked dimensions. They are not ideal for big screen display though.

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