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Your iPhone captures HD (1080p) videos with its outstanding iSight camera. The quality of iPhone videos is great, thus the file size becomes very large. You may want to but you can’t keep all the videos on your iPhone as they take a lot of your precious space. They are some video converters and editors can compress videos. However most of them are compatible with desktop computers. That’s to say if you like to use them to compress iPhone videos, you have to get the videos off iPhone first, then put them back when you get the compressed videos on computers.  We know that it is cumbersome to offload recorded videos from iPhone to computer. Unless you have some third party transfer tool, such as the notable Wi-Fi Transfer App.

Is it possible to compress iPhone videos directly on your phone? Here we recommend a video compressor for iPhone, the best iOS video compression app. With Video Slimmer, your iOS devices can edit and compress videos in iPhone without transferring them to a computer.

In this guide, we will show you how to use the video tool to compress videos on iPhone.

Compress iPhone Videos Directly on your Phone

Step 1. Start Video Slimmer App for iPhone and load the video file you want to compress.

compress iphone videos

Step 2. Tap on the + icon to browse to your camera roll and load the video source to the compressor.

Step 3. Tap on the Slim Now button to compress videos.


iPhone Video Compressing Tips:

There are some useful features with this video compressor you might like. For example, you can reduce the video dimensions or resolutions of iPhone videos. To do that, tap on the Gear icon to open the Video Settings window, see below figure.

reduce video size and quality

You can tap on the Video Size to open a list of all preset video resolution or Height/Width. You can export the native iPhone videos to smaller dimensions, this can greatly save your space. Your iPhone captures HD 1080p videos, and the tiny iPhone screen does not requires such a high definition in order to render sharp videos though. Then why not reduce the iPhone videos to smaller resolution to save your storage space.

You may have also noticed there is a Video Quality option under the video settings window. You can choose to downgrade the video bit rates, the less data included in a video, the smaller would be the file size. There will be a slight downgrade of the video quality with compression. It is not evident on mobile display though. In order to ensure the all videos to be exported with good quality, we limited the video compressor app with a three level video quality setting, Good, Better, Best.

If you want to split or cut a long video on iPhone, the Video Slimmer can also help you with that. Sometimes we do not really need to compress a video in order to make the video file size much smaller. For example, if you find some video part is tedious, you can simply cut it. See the details here: Cut Videos on iPhone.

Share Compressed iPhone Videos

Now you know how to easily compress iPhone videos. Once you have compress the videos to the ideal files size, you can save the compressed videos to your Photo Library, transfer to computers over Wi-Fi, open with third party video apps, editors, like the iMovie. You can also email the videos with the mail app on your iPhone or publish the compressed videos online to share with your family and friends.


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